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Free Introduction Session:- Your first mediation session is our gift to you.

Meditation is a wonderful experience for your well being. It is valuable to give yourself the time to unwind, relax and connect with your inner mind of peace. Come and spend some quality time to give yourself, your body and mind a detox, a rejuvenation and recharge. Elizabeth from ISIS will take you through her unique meta meditation to relax your mind, heal your body and renew your spirit.


Beyond The Law of Attraction.

What if you could Understand AND Implement The by Text-Enhance">Law of Attraction into your life and MORE!

There are hundreds of Universal Laws…..beyond The by Text-Enhance">Law of Attraction.
Do you want to KNOW the HOW The by Text-Enhance">Law of Attraction works?
In this seminar/workshop you will learn of 3 other Universal Laws that are the Secret behind The Law of Attraction..

* The Law that Partners The Law of Attraction

* The Law that Powers The Law of Attraction

* The Law that Propels The Law of Attraction…..for You.


Create the Life of your Dreams and a Life of Joy working with the Universal Laws.

True understanding of the workings of Universal Laws will help you -

* Discover how your life experience evolves

* Bring you the understanding of your personal power

* Uncover the mysteries of the Universe and how its Laws truly work for your benefit.

Wanting to expand your knowledge of spirituality for a richer physical experience? Book into this workshop Now!


Date: Saturday November 23rd, 2013

Time: 10am-4pm Venue: Yarraville Club

Cost: Early Bird Special – Pay $299 by Sept.30th 2013


Full Price $450 ( all inclusive- morning/afternoon tea, lunch, course notes and by Text-Enhance">Certificate of completion from ISIS Vision Institute)

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This was truly an eye-opening experience!
I thought I was very aware of my belief systems and how I contributed to the desired results in my life.
This workshop uncovered many blind spots and brought me to a deeper awareness of universal laws and principles at work in my life.
I gained invaluable insights and perspectives. The most wonderful thing is, people I love and share my life with are benefiting from the teachings of Elizabeth.
I trust you will walk away as I did feeling more self-aware and empowered to transcend your fears and move toward the wondrous life you deserve!
Thank you, Elizabeth! It was a safe, beautiful and heartfelt environment that you created.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their spiritual understanding to a higher level.
Melissa Parente-Cowling


The Marketing Matrix.

Marketing in Business is all about how you communicate your product/services to potential customers for the express purpose of selling to them.

It is a crucial part of and to your business.

Understanding the Marketing Basics and the many Processes within the Matrix of Marketing will help you be a better business professional. It will also help ensure your by Text-Enhance">business success.

Date:  September 25th, 2013

Time: 10am-12pm Venue:  Nashi @ 8 Dorcus St.South Melbourne

Cost:  $50 – Limited to 10 attendees.